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“Curate and Create high-quality educational content to improve your skills for the 21st century.s.”

Naomi Hsu, CEO & Co-Founder


Weclass Education, founded by the alumnus of Berkeley and Tsinghua Global Technology Entrepreneurship Program (GTE) at year 2011, is a leading educational institution based in San Francisco and Beijing, which has a global partnership with C Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. Since its establishment,Seikai Education have been helping more than 4,000 Asian students from China, Korea and Japan with entrepreneurship and
innovation education. Weclass Education is dedicated to encouraging a culture that values and celebrates entrepreneurship, through working with more than 10 Asian Universities and helping
students realizing their full potential.


Students encounter life-changing cultural values in their journey through activities such as visiting silicon valley companies, hiking in natural forests and farms, and practicing American football. They also gain leadership experience as they team to develop and deliver their business presentations to successful entrepreneurs in the Intel Business Pitch Competition. The students leave the program inspired to solve today’s global problems with their unique ingenuity. The most enduring value we have created is in the lives of students, now volunteering for international causes and starting their own ventures.

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